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Yahoo!ブラウザー:ヤフーのブラウザ 検索/最適化アプリ

Yahoo!ブラウザー:ヤフーのブラウザ 検索/最適化アプリ v3.12.2.2 for Android

Yahoo Japan Corp

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    Yahoo Japan Corp

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    Jul 13, 2021

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    5.0 and up


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App Description
It is a browser application that automatically optimizes the memory of the terminal and pursues ease of use for search and news. In addition to various search methods such as image search, camera search, and voice search, you can easily check the "topic words" that are popular on Twitter and the "surge words" that are used for web search.

≪Recommended for people like this≫
・ I want to comfortably browse the Internet, an optimized app that always makes my smartphone crispy.
・ I want to quickly check the latest news and weather with the widget on the home screen.
・ I want to read the QR code / barcode and access the site quickly.
・ I want to enjoy the browser game on the full screen in a stable manner.
・ I want to save a web page and view information offline, such as overseas.

≪Main features≫
◆ An application that reduces capacity with an automatic memory optimization function
If the operation of the terminal becomes heavy, it will automatically optimize the smartphone and make it lighter smoothly.
Even when you're not using the app, you'll be notified of smartphone optimization with a notification to make it lighter if it gets slower.

◆ Comprehensive widget that combines news / weather / email / search etc.
With the widget, you can immediately check the information you want, such as Yahoo News, weather, and T point balance on the home screen. News is an important topic carefully selected by the editorial department of Yahoo.

≪There are 3 types of widgets≫
・ Space-saving and multifunctional portal widget (small)
・ Anyway, a lot! Large portal widget that is perfect for you who are greedy
-Perfect for you who just want to use search simply! Search widget

You can customize the background color of the widget, news category, selection of display service, etc. to your liking.
* If the settings of the terminal itself or other apps restrict the launch of the app in the background (widget update operation), it may not be possible to update the widget data.

◆ QR code reading function
It is also a QR code reading app, which allows you to quickly access URLs by scanning QR codes / barcodes and search for products by barcode. In addition, the read URL remains in the history, so you can easily access it later.

◆ Full screen function
You can display the web page on the full screen of your smartphone and view it without destroying the world view of manga and games.

◆ Search is more convenient
You can efficiently obtain information on the Internet.

For example, with this item
・ Breaking news of games such as professional baseball and J League
・ Recipes for popular dishes
・ Route transfer information and operation status
・ Knowledge useful in the event of an earthquake or disaster
・ Road traffic information such as traffic jams

◆ Camera search (image search, photo search)
With the function that allows you to search for similar products, images, related sites, etc. from photos taken on the spot, images in the gallery of the terminal, images on the EC site, etc., you can efficiently obtain information on the Internet. enter.

When you say "I want to find a product similar to an item found on SNS or magazines" or "I have something I want to look for, but I don't know the product name", I can search for the product by performing an image search from the image.

Currently, the products you can search for are as follows.

◇ Fashion
Clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

◇ Food
Drinks, sweets, instant noodles, etc.

◇ Daily necessities
Detergents, air fresheners, oral care products, etc.

◇ Interior
Tables, chairs, shelves, lighting, etc.

◇ Other
Books, comics, CDs, DVDs, video software, etc.

* We are planning to support other categories such as home appliances.

◆ Screen memo
Save the page you are interested in as it is. It is possible to look back even when offline such as overseas. You can copy the text on the saved page later, or open the link if you are connected to the network.

◆ Convenient use of Yahoo services
Yahoo! JAPAN is full of useful services! You can use it comfortably according to the situation.
Recommended for those who are not satisfied with the standard Android web browser.

E-mail, news, fortune-telling, weather / disaster, and other information you want to check every day can be easily checked with widgets. A diverse lineup of information such as sports navigation and finance. If you don't understand, ask a question in the wisdom bag.
In addition, there are many convenient apps for going out, such as transfer information (route information), MAP (map), and car navigation systems.
Yahoo shopping, Yahoo auction! , PayPay Mall, PayPay Flea Market, LOHACO, you can find the products you care about and buy them at a great price!
Regarding shopping and Yahoo! Auctions, we have also set up searches for EC services such as Yahoo! Auctions and Yahoo! Auctions, making it possible to smoothly search for what you want or want to find.
If you use GYAO! And ebookjapan, you can enjoy contents such as videos and manga.
If you use the widget design function together, you can customize the home screen more elaborately!

≪Recommended environment≫
Android OS 5.0 and above

In order to use the service more safely, we will not support Android 4.4 or lower after version For details, please check the notice from the URL below.

* "Yahoo! Search (lightweight version)" can be selected on the home screen only for the Google Play distribution version.
* To use the voice input function / reading function, the microphone function is required for your terminal.
* The camera must be enabled to read the QR code. QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.
* If the Android OS setting "Access to notifications" is permitted, other apps may read the information notified by this app. See below for details.

[About app permissions]
We use app permissions to display web pages that require location information, read QR using the main camera, and search by voice using the microphone.
Please use this application after confirming Yahoo's Terms of Service .
■ Terms of use
■ Privacy
■ Software rules (guidelines)
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