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Tap Away: Tap Master

Tap Away: Tap Master v6.58 for Android

Mustard Games Studios

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    Sep 28, 2023

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App Description
Put your skills to the test and start playing tap away. Push away all of the cubes in this exciting block puzzle game.
Tap away 3D is a fun, highly addictive 3d puzzle game that will take you to new heights. Tap the blocks to make the them fly away and clear the entire screen. But swap the blocks won't move unless they're facing the right direction so you'll need to approach this take away blocks puzzle carefully. Slide your finger around the display to rotate the shape and hit the blocks from every angle. As you progress the block forms larger and larger shapes, and the blocks change their form so it's important to think about how to solve the block out puzzle. That's not all. There are skins and themes that you can unlock as you go along as well as challenges that will keep you on your toes! In this fun and colorful puzzle, you challenge your logic and critical thinking.

Can you solve the puzzles in this fun and challenging game?
Tap Away 3D is a new beautiful relaxing block puzzle, created for you. This exciting move blocks game that will draw you in for hours. Inspired by moving block puzzle are designed to help you mentally recharge, relax and improve your wellbeing while sharpening your mind. Clear the blocks by tapping on the corresponding arrows. Be careful because the blocks will stop each other from leaving the screen. Coordinate your actions to solve the puzzles in Tap away blocks 3d game. Take a break at any time with this relaxing free block tap away games puzzle. Good luck!
Features of Tap Away 3D:
• Fun and colorful design that changes as you progress through the levels.
• Unlockable skins & themes: Customize your gameplay with awesome skins and themes!
• Relaxing music and background nature sounds to release your stress.
• Hundreds of levels, each with its own unique twist to keep you busy and entertained for hours.
• Unique puzzles that tease your mind with the satisfying taps.
• Lot of challenges and gifts at each level for player.
How to play:
• Tap on the flopping blocks with the colored arrows pointing outwards to release them. If you tap it away correctly the block will vanish.
• You can rotate the box to select the correct unlock.
• You can change the shape of a cube in many different sizes and shapes.
• The higher the level of difficulty, the more difficult it becomes to help bricks escape.

What are you waiting for?
Tap to play challenge your brain with these tricky games right now. These aren't just tiles; they are three dimensional pieces formed by cubes that can be rotated around the environment to work on all four sides. If building with cubes is something you enjoy, then you'll love playing Tap Away 3D.
Enjoy our take away game puzzle and craft your skill to become a cube master!
Download and Play Now - Join this fun and relaxing take away game puzzle and tap away the cubes!
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