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Summoner Storm: 1on1 Hero Duel

Summoner Storm: 1on1 Hero Duel v1.1.24 for Android


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    May 23, 2022

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App Description
Enjoy one of the funniest and craziest td game. Summoner Storm is an unique strategy game. Fight in epic battle, 1on1 duels. The only target is to crash enemies and their barbaric bosses! Choose the best mad hero and discover the world filled with magic. Clash, crush and smash! Let´s start the crazy and funny adventure. Download and play now, for free!

Love adventure games, battle games? Love tower defense strategy games? Summoner storm is funny combination of them and perfect choice for you. The only target is to crash enemies and their barbaric bosses! Welcome in the craziest cartoon wars. Download and play, the age of war begins now!

Strategy td game Features:
● Collect brave heroes, powerful monsters and warriors
● Build your ultimate battle deck and destroy your enemies
● Battle the craziest duels
● Upgrade your army for rarity abilities
● War, win and enjoy victory and rewards, unlock legendary chests
● Build and upgrade your card collection
● Real time strategy duels with fast battle evolution
● Battle in PvP arena, join a clash of royale heroes with other summoners
● Improve your td strategy knowledge and crush your enemies with unique battle tactics & strategy
● Join a Clan or create your own and build your very own battle community
● Fight with other clans in epic clash of clans
● Progress through multiple levels all the way to the top - become very quick mass battler and climb the leaderboard in magic arena

How can you begin? Choose your brave cartoony heroes. Which heroic creature you choose - orc, goblin, dwarf or skeleton? Build your perfect army and enjoy epic duels clash of cards. War, win and enjoy victory and rewards. Unlock, collect and upgrade collectible powerful cards with Orcs, Goblins, Wizards, Undead, Skeletons and other troops from many factions. Each hero has special ability / superpowers. Cast destructive global spells such as the lightning storm, meteor shower and much more! Open epic magical chests to discover new powerful troops, monsters and spells! Will you get one of the legendary cards? Think about your strategy and choose your warriors carefully. Tanks to defend your army? Wizards, archers or gunners to kill from a distance? Assassins or fighters to pierce the defense fast? Your strategy will decide between victory and defeat in this clash!

Enter the PvP arena and crush other players in epic 1on1 duels! Prepare your strategy to win this royale battle! This is the real contest of champions! Can you defeat every summoner in the game and rise your kingdom to the top? It is time to start summoners war. No matter what, no matter where, enjoy this addictive battle simulator. Barbaric bosses will be afraid of your army team and give up. Or they are crazy and love danger and challenge? Summon Bosses! Enjoy duels with players from all around the world!

Enjoy one of the funniest and craziest game in which you fight with enemies. Your target is simple - just crush them all. Every player can find his favourite monster with amazing graphic. Collect over 100 characters: Steamer, Rockbreaker, Hen, Anny Bonney and many others. Each hero has special ability / superpowers and belongs into character category. Orcs are the most powerful and they enjoy breaking bones. Goblins are the fastest. Knights are the bravest. Wizards could win thanks to their spells. Dwarfs love loot. And what about the Swarm Queen? She is just scary as hell. Swarm Queen is focused on her special mission: all orcs must die! There are Asgard heroes ready for the epic match - join Thor to complete the misssion. Choose the favourite faction, defend kingdom and turn your enemies into skleletons and ash. This is age of war and only epic summoners win.

Download this unique strategy game and start your world discovery. Your adventure will be filled with magic and hero duels. Clash, crush and smash! Unlock legendary monsters from many factions to be undefeatable. Climb the leaderboard in magic arena. Play for free.

Created by NOXGAMES
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