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ファントム オブ キル 【無料本格シミュレーションRPG】

ファントム オブ キル 【無料本格シミュレーションRPG】 v10.7.1 for Android

Gumi Inc

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    Gumi Inc

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    Oct 26, 2021

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    4.1 and up


    87.25 MB

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App Description
◆ Thanks to you for the 6th anniversary! ◆
◆ Over 5.55 million downloads! ◆

■ Full-scale simulation RPG Phantom of the Kill (Phantom of the Kill) that can be enjoyed with one hand is born! ■
Meet mysterious girls with the names of legendary weapons,
A story of searching for lost memories and growing together
"Strategic x drama" that changes the battle situation with one move.
A full-scale RPG that combines strategic simulation elements and a story
◆ Opening animation supervised by master Mamoru Oshii ◆
World-famous Mamoru Oshii supervises the opening animation!
Don't miss the world view of "Phantom of the Kill" drawn with video expression that goes beyond the dimensions of animation!
◆ Run through many battlefields with just one thumb! ◆
Realize the simple and comfortable tap and drag operation that smartphone gamers have been waiting for, which you can enjoy with easy operation!
A must-see for RPG fans, both playability and deep gameplay!
◆ Develop a strategy to lead victory in various jobs! ◆
The combination of character and job greatly changes the fighting ability!
Organize your own team according to various battle situations and aim for victory!
◆ Determine the compatibility of the weapon "Slash! Hit! Shoot!" ◆
Select an attack target and attack according to the compatibility of 6 types of weapons!
Even strong enemies that are difficult to defeat can approach victory if you use weapons that are compatible with each other!
◆ Attractive character voice by gorgeous voice actors! ◆ ◆ Attractive character voice by gorgeous voice actors! ◆
Yu Asakawa, Kana Asumi, Ten Amemiya, Hiromi Igarashi, Haruna Ikezawa, Akira Ishida, Mariya Ise, Shizuka Ito, Marina Inoue, Asami Imai, Kana Ueda, Mari Uchida, Rumi Okubo, Sayaka Ohara, Tetsuya Kakihara, Kato Emiri, Ai Chino, Eri Kitamura, Rie Kugimiya, Yu Kobayashi, Fumiho Komatsu, Mikako Komatsu, Takayuki Kondo, Chiwa Saito, Ayane Sakura, Rina Sato, Asami Seto, Ayayo Takagaki, Yukari Tamura, Mari Kayahara , Megumi Toyoguchi, Kaori Nazuka, Hitomi Ikutenme, Mamiko Noto, Kana Hanazawa, Saori Hayami, Rina Hidaka, Hikaru Midorikawa, Rie Murakawa, Yukana and many others (in alphabetical order)

A royal road smartphone RPG in which popular voice actors are in charge of character voices !!

■ App price
App body: Free to play (item charge type)
■ Recommended terminal
Android 4.1 or later, smartphones and tablet devices with 2GB or more of RAM and 1.5GB or more of free storage space
* Some models may not work even if the version is currently recommended or higher.
Click here for compatible models https://pk.fg-games.co.jp/faq/#android
Planning and production: FgG
Delivery: gumi
Official website of the app: https://pk.fg-games.co.jp/
"CRIWARE (TM)" of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. is used for this application.

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