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App Description
PREGNANCY GUIDE, is a complete application containing pregnancy guidelines that describe the cycle or stage of pregnancy in detail the condition of pregnant women and fetus in the womb. The Pregnant Guidebook also contains pregnancy tips that discuss what and when not to be allowed during pregnancy, including: Allowable and Unedible Meals, Allowable and Unnecessary Sleep Positions, Nutrition during pregnancy and others.

In addition, in the Application of Pregnancy Guidebook is also there is good exercise done while pregnant, such as Yoga, Gymnastics and many more sports that can read and mother mothers learn in this Maternal Handbook Application Guide, as accompanied by images so that make it easy for the mother to learn it.

Here are the features in the Maternity Guidebook app.
✖ Auto Calculation
Mother does not need to feel dizzy anymore to know how to calculate the age of pregnancy. Mother's pregnancy age and estimated baby's date of birth and ideal weight will be automatically updated according to the date, and will be given a notification.

✖ Fetal development this week
When the mother opens this Mother's Pregnancy Guidebook Application will automatically be given information about fetal development this week contains General Information of Pregnancy This Week, Mother's Condition This Week, Fetal Conditions This Week, and Did you know that contains tips during pregnancy.

✖ Pregnancy Tips
A collection of articles around pregnancy include Essential Nutrition during pregnancy, Good Food Principles, Food to avoid, Best Sleeping Position for Pregnant Women and Getting Baby / Woman Tips. All of these articles can increase the knowledge of mother in the face of pregnancy.

✖ Sports Pregnant Women
Many benefits that pregnant women can get during pregnancy exercise. With exercise can help improve the mood of pregnant women, more comfortable when sleeping, reduce aches and lower back pain. In addition, with exercise, pregnant women are expected to be more ready when facing childbirth, because it has endurance and muscles that have been trained. With this Mother's Pregnancy Guidebook app will be easier to learn about special sports for pregnant women because it comes with pictures.
✖ Weight calculator
The weight calculator is used to monitor the weight of the mother week by week, so that it complies with recommendations to get the ideal body after delivery.

✖ Baby Names
Mother need not worry anymore by downloading other apps to find the recommendation of good names for our baby candidate. In the Application of Pregnancy Guidebook there is also a collection of baby names from around the world along with the meaning, and a collection of series of Muslim baby names.

✖ Note
Record important moments during pregnancy so that mothers can easily organize it, but there is also a checklist that is used to record the items that must be prepared before the birth process. Save and organize the equipment of the prospective baby from the womb until the preparation of maternity in the hospital

✖ Classical music and the Qur'an
Early stimulation is very important because it affects the child's intelligence in the future, classical music and Al-Qur'an is believed to stimulate the fetus early on. Besides classical music and the Qur'an can also educate the fetus, provide peace for the fetus, and affect the Psychology of the Fetus.

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Thank you Mother, Hopefully given the smoothness in the birth process.
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