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掌阅 iReader

掌阅 iReader v7.15.1.20190625 for Android

Hk Ireader Technology Limited

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    Hk Ireader Technology Limited

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    Dec 3, 2022

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App Description
■ Sweet and warm, everything you need
■ Abuse scum, rebirth, counterattack, experience a variety of life in the novel, happy gratitude and hatred!
■ Domineering, evil, and paranoid, there is always one that belongs to you
■ Reading novels, looking for friends, cute CP, reading, can also be fun
■ The story connects the world, the brain expands the boundaries, this is your portal to the fantasy world

※ Blockbuster Books TOP10※
■ Super popular novels & comics:
"The President Is Here", "The Finger Dyed Marriage", "The Genius Doctor's Daughter", "One Night's Evil Love", "The First Grand Marriage of the Giants"
"The Holy Spirit Master Against the Heavens", "Sansheng III Shili Peach Blossom", "Extraordinary Ex-wife of the Giants", "Innocent Girl Hot"
"Song of Sand and Sea", "Weapon Master", "Fights Break the Sphere", "Douro Continent", "Nine Realms and Nine Suns",

Why choose iReader?
■ Powerful, simple but not simple

Unique layout: the layout comparable to that of a paper book
Screen rotation: freely switch between horizontal and vertical screens, and you can watch it whatever you want
Format support: PDF/EPUB/TXT/MOBI/UMD, most formats supported
More languages: The latest 12 languages ​​are just for your ultimate experience
Simplified and traditional switching: from simplified to traditional, only one button distance
Automatic chapter breaking: intelligently analyze TXT documents and sort out chapter catalogs
Blue light eye protection: The eye protection function filters blue light on the screen for comfortable reading
Animated page turning: 4 ways to turn pages to ensure your personalized reading
Automatic reading: Automatic reading frees your hands
Automatic synchronization: automatic synchronization of reading progress, cloud notes
Beautiful interface: simple interface, easy to operate, no ads throughout
Book management: manage your books like dragging and dropping desktop icons
Wireless book transmission: wireless book transmission if there is a local area network, no data cable is required

■ Unparalleled PDF reading experience
Import PDF documents from any program that supports "sharing"
Share PDF documents with friends
Support for marking PDF documents
Automatic storage of PDF reading progress

■ Enjoy millions of books

■ Sharing with friends
The new version supports Facebook, Google+, WeChat login
Hurry up and share the book with your friends on Facebook, Google+, and WeChat!

■ Intimate service
All questions are answered in detail, and it should be comfortable to read.

■ Online e-books are abundant, and it is our unremitting pursuit to insist on genuine

Network original novel:

President, wealthy, military marriage, romance, pure love, marriage, white-collar workers
Crossing, killer, house fighting, harem, farming, strong women, comprehension
Fairy, fairy, magic, fantasy, online games, fantasy, martial arts
Tanmei, youth, campus, city, king of soldiers, athletics, history
Military, game, science fiction, thriller, horror, fan, feng shui

Popular author:

Silkworm potatoes, I eat tomatoes, cats, Tang's three young masters, Yueguan
Jiang Xiaoya, Feng Nong, Tian Xia Ba Sing, Nanpai Sanshu, Angel Oscar
Tang Qi, Chen Dong, Fresh Guoguo, Ming Xiaoxi, Murloc II, Xiao Ding
Tail fish, Jiuyuexi, Yidu Junhua, Feiwo Si Cun, Gu Man, Ding Mo


Jinjiang, Zongheng, Hema, Chengbang and other 25 famous stations navigation!

■ Friendly reminder:
If you have installed the security tools of CM Security Cheetah, you need to add iReader to the whitelist to prevent CM Security Cheetah Cleaner from deeply cleaning up your downloaded books.

Come join us, more interactive and exciting:

Official website: http://www.ireader.com/index.php?ca=lang.En
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ireader.cn
Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/116857007229849461907
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