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Grow Sphere - Absorb the World

Grow Sphere - Absorb the World v0.65 for Android


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    Feb 5, 2023

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App Description
Do you like playing ball rolling games like katamari? If you love to play to ball growing games then we bring you the most amazing and unique big ball games of 2021 which you will definitely like and you will fall in love with it because this Grow Sphere is not simple game just like other ball games. We come up with unique idea through our big ball games which you will find amazing. Forget about all those previous sticky ball games which you have played before. After playing our Grow Sphere your search for the best ball rolling games will be over because it is the most addictive eat and grow game you will ever see. Eat everything which comes into your way so that you can expand your running ball more in rolling ball games. Show the world how far you can expand your ball in sticky ball games. Control your ball and try to absorb everything to grow larger. Try to survive and to eat long enough to become the biggest in sticky ball rolling games. Go through some towns, a farm, space, etc., and grab as many objects as you can in ball rolling games. Other than the very small objects like grass, or flowers, objects have an outline when you can absorb them, making it easy to tell what you can, or can't absorb.

This ball rolling game is packed with various sticky balls like emoji balls or premium balls. In order to play with these super cool balls in this ball roller game you must win it by best scores & don't forget to collect coins to unlock more ball skins. This sticky ball game is a kind of big ball of destruction. Start smashing city buildings, cars, poles, trees & crush everything so that you can absorb more to let the ball bigger in this ball rolling games. Make a ball bigger in a limited time! Collect many things in ball rolling games as much as you can.

Ball rolling games will give you a chance to expand your ball by giving you powerup in the gameplay. Beside growing your ball bigger, you will also have to focus on the powerups which will be on the map in ball rolling games. Power up will help you a lot to be the champion of this game. With the help of power up you can go faster, and you will also have another chance. Grab powerups to help yourself in ball run games and learn what objects are a good for you to absorb so that you can increase your ball size. Absorb everything, leave nothing behind, and grow as big as you can because as you grow, and get bigger, you get increased speed as well, making it gradually easier, and faster for you to get to objects in ball running games.

Try to complete each level on time so that you can get reward in shape of coins throw which you can buy a lot of items in this shop. Watch out from the coins which will come to your way when playing Grow Sphere. Collect them so that you can have money to buy new different ball skins.

Grow Sphere: Ball Run Games Features:
- Easy On-Screen Controls
- Smooth gameplay.
- Colorful & attractive 3d environment.
- Stay alive to win the challenge.
- Get the best score.
- Easy to play.
- Free to play.
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