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Fingerspot.io:Attend & Payroll v5.2.0 for Android


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    Sep 27, 2023

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App Description
Fingerspot.io application is an online attendance application for employees through phones to help the company attendance management. This application is efficiently monitoring attendance activity because employees who often work visit, only need to scan attendance through phones.

Many advantages from fingerspot.io application that you will get:

▷ Receive attendance scan notification, personal leave permission request & other employee.
▷ Monitor attendance data scan anytime from the attendance device or scan GPS.
▷ Provide scan GPS with features: photo, attachment file, note, and location map.
▷ Presence with your superior's account. Employees are allowed to present with the superior's account by displaying QR code to superior for helping to scan in fingerspot.io application.
▷ Employees' attendance scan QR code can do the attendance scan from QR workplace location.
▷ Approve/decline of employees scan GPS who are in the other workplace location (outside workplace location).
▷ View the history of attendance data scan, whether from scan GPS or attendance device.
▷ View timeline and location map scan of employees on a certain date.
▷ Available with Reminder feature to remind the employees to do the attendance scan or other work activity.
▷ Paperless meal coupon feature to arrange employee meal coupons at your company.
▷ Support with fingerprint and face recognition attendance devices from Fingerspot.
▷ Fingerspot.io data scan can be downloaded to Fingerspot personalia application.
▷ Mark's work visit location. Employees who are asked to work visit in a specific place can be marked, and the superior can monitor on the phone.
▷ Leave permission request. Employees can request leave permission on the phone.
▷ Confirm the leave permission approval. Superior receives the notification of staff leave permission request to be approved, declined, or changed the date and other leave permission date.
▷ ToDo. Superior is easy to view all of the staff's tasks.
▷ Employees' ID Card. Display employees' ID cards with QR Code which can be printed to verify employees work status.
▷ Various Scan Types. Fingerspot.io provides various scan types which you can choose based on your needs, such easiness to monitor employee attendance, sales canvassing, guard patrol, and the other working activities.
▷ My Spot Feature. Employee working visit spot lists can be used for the other employee. Then, the employee who does the working visit does not need to scan the QR spot manually.
▷ Online Payslip. Employee can access payslip detail which has been sent to their phones anytime and everywhere.
▷ Available with SOS feature. Safety system to help your employee who is in an emergency condition. You can also add an emergency contact for calling or sending WhatsApp messages.
▷ Office superior can apply leave permission for all employees in the office.
▷ Overtime Request feature. Provide easiness for the employee to request overtime, and superior to assign employee overtime suddenly or scheduled.
▷ Authentication using phone biometrics (fingerprints).
▷ Now you can do Scan GPS when ONLINE or OFFLINE.
▷ Location / Geofences Monitoring feature, owners or superiors can monitor employee locations / geofences on a scheduled basis.
▷ Attendance now supports WiFi Identification and Face Recognition.
▷ Support Fingerspot Personnel and Fingerspot Time Management (FTM) desktop application by using the same WiFi network connection.

What are you waiting for? Let's download this application now to get a better experience to manage employees' attendance data scans. Do you want to know more fingerspot.io? Contact our Customer Service on Fingerspot.com or send email to [email protected]

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