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App Description
That “Pleasant Phrase” became a maiden game after 21 years and is a big revival!

Of course, the next-generation twins from Mayu Shinjo's popular manga “Love Celebrity” and “Miou Haou” will attack you one after another with a whisper of Damihevois!
Enjoy romance games for adults that can be enjoyed not only by fans at the time but also for the first time. (Basic free, paid content available)

■ Summary
The main character is a third-year university student who attends the Faculty of Education. In order to become a teacher, the place of practical training was decided, and it should have walked through a normal life. Until the nationwide audition is decided.
It was decided that a joint audition of the world's top three record companies would be held in Japan, and it moved me.

"I want to challenge once at the end ..."
The audition that challenged with courage.

And men who met there.
--This was the beginning of every story spun with a mysterious fate.

■ Story structure
# Main Story: A story depicting the growth of the hero and the encounter of each character (full voice)
# Side Story: A story depicting a character that meets regularly (sometimes related to the status of reading the main story)
# Individual story: Feature story with a specific character
(BGM, SE only)
# Card Story: A story that can be released by developing SR, SSR, and EXR cards among character cards that can be obtained at gacha and events
(EXR is Damihe Full Voice)

■ Game Overview

It's amazing and it's all over the country! Jump on a national tour with your favorite members!
You can get the experience and items you need to read through the main story and card story on the “Live Tour”.
Aiming at the experience value mass in the early stage, while the growth items, gold, experience value, and brazen are arranged.
If you stop at the live venue mass, Chibi characters live, and you may get rare items depending on the number of spectators.
If you pass a MAP rival character, you will encounter a “duel” against the game against the van.

Visit his house! Enjoy conversation and reaction with moving boyfriend.
The intimacy required to read through individual character stories will increase with “Love Talk”!
Conversation that changes depending on the progress of the story, the intimacy changes with 5 choices, and if you give a gift that you get in the "live tour", do you have a deep relationship?
If you meet certain conditions, may you enter the special mode “Hug Mode” or “Kiss Mode”?

Coordinate the music creative room where Chibi characters appear with nice furniture!
Get furniture at "Furniture Tickets" that you can get on "Live Tours" and friend points that you can visit at your friends' rooms!
Some furniture has motion and some sub characters appear!
Maybe Chibi Chara's lines and actions change depending on the visit time?

-------------------------------------------------- ---
cf. Pleasure phrases
A girl comic based on Mayu Shinjo, serialized in "Shoujo Comic (currently Sho-Comi)" (Shogakukan) from 1997 to 2000.
Translated into 23 languages ​​worldwide, the cumulative number of copies exceeds 10 million.
This is a work depicting the romance of an ordinary female high school student (Aine Yukimura) and the vocalist of the popular rock band “Λucifer” (Sakiya Okochi).
In 1999, in addition to being made into a TV animation, “Λucifer”, which was in the works, started working as a real rock band, and the debut song “Fall Angel BLUE”, the songs to be released, and the charts were crowded one after another, etc.
It also influenced the real music scene just as it was.
-------------------------------------------------- ---

Main characters and casting
■ shylpy
Shion Okouchi (CV. Yuma Uchida)
A high school teacher named after the mysterious genius composer “shion”.
The subject is in English and is the teacher of Hikaru's class.
Has an exclusive contract with Metro Records.

Takuya Kiryu (CV. Ryohei Kimura)
Beginning music under the influence of his father, he is polishing his skills as a guitarist.
Just before the debut, the former band broke up and is looking for new members.
I was a big fan of Mμ before I met him at the audition.

Yukihiko Todo (CV. Kasama Kaoru)
While aiming to be a professional bassist, he is the eldest son of Noh.
Its prowess is the center of attention in the industry.
Shion and Takuya are old friends and have a strict but gentle brother.

Fujiwara Hikaru (CV. Kei Kikuchi)
He is a master of the great wealth and a central member of the audition.
The 3rd year of the Imperial Department of Fujiwara Gakuin High School.
Gradually raise interest in idols through selection.

Inuzuka Hachiya (CV. Atsushi Takizawa)
One of the candidates who participated in the audition.
A large family (4 males and 3 female brothers and sisters) who lived poorly for some reason
The eldest son to support. Burning in the ambition to become the top entertainment industry.

Shiratori Shuntsuki (CV. Daiki Kobayashi)
One of the candidates who participated in the audition.
1 year in the performing arts course, attending the same Fujiwara Gakuin as Hikaru.
Charm points are small animal-like eyes and lovely smiles.

Kanzaki Natsumu (CV. Lansbury Arthur)
One of the candidates who participated in the audition.
A bilingual who is bilingual with half of Japanese and Taiwanese.
It has a cool and handsome guy with outstanding physical abilities.

Tsukasa Godo (CV. Kenno Iwanaga)
One of the candidates who participated in the audition.
It's a little clumsy and a little clumsy, but it's thick and thick brother-in-law.
Singing voice with strong presence and powerful rap are weapons.

北 Hokuto (CV. Takahide Ishii)
One of the candidates who participated in the audition.
At night, he is hired by BAR and works as a store manager.
A female killer with a sweet mask and sensuality voice.

Okouchi Rin (CV. Tatsuo Suzuki)
XXX vocals active in the world.
It has the talent to captivate people and boasts great popularity.
I have a deep connection with my brother, Shion and Rec.

Sid Vicious (CV. Shin Furukawa)
In charge of XXX guitar.
Fascinated by sexy techniques and power play.
A gambler who enjoys thrill with sake and women.

Matthew Vincent (CV. Natsuki Hanae)
Responsible for the base of XXX.
A multi-string bass user who plays a variety of emotional melodies.
A wife who is a good little devil.

Wreck Glaser (CV. Takuya Sato)
President of Metro Records Japan Branch. Its skill attracted industry attention,
The next top candidate for the global company Glaser Company.
Rationalists who act based on logic and data.

Noah Walker (CV. Yuichiro Umehara)
A young leader of Radius Records, XXX (Triple X)
He also serves as a producer. Some of the members of XXX
I have great trust.

Chris Stuart (CV. Kenji Akabane)
XXX (Triple X) composer.
He is from the classic world and likes the violin.
I'm trying to make the best music.
* At night, take a crow named Alexander.

Theme song "Gerasis"
Lyrics: Mayu Shinjo
Composer: Pea.
Arrangement: Akihiro Hamada
Artists: shion (CV. Yuma Uchida) & Reon (CV. Tatsuo Suzuki)

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