It is a recording type diet app that calculates menu forecasts and calories based on the photos taken.">
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カロママ AI管理栄養士がダイエットサポート v3.2.20 for Android

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    Oct 26, 2021

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App Description
\ Average of -3kg in 3 months * / Let's diet with an AI registered dietitian!
Developed by a registered dietitian based on the actual dietary guidance of about 100,000 people.
Calorie / meal management / diet app "Karomama"
* Analysis for users with BMI 25 or higher

■ Karomama is such a diet app ■
〇 Image analysis of meal photos
Predict the menu from the photo, analyze the kcal and nutrients you ate, and suggest the next meal. No more worrying about the menu and menu for your next meal!

〇 Reply from AI registered dietitian
If you report what you ate or your life log to an AI registered dietitian, you will get a reply immediately.
You can find your good place and diet while encouraging a registered dietitian.

〇 Automatically captures momentum
The number of steps is automatically taken from the pedometer of the smartphone. Automatically calculate the kcal consumed for the day.

〇Health score
At the end of the day, a 100-point scale will be given to determine whether the diet and behavior of the day were healthy. If you take care to improve your health score, your diet success rate will increase dramatically.

〇 Graph
Since the calorie intake, weight, number of steps, muscle mass, sugar mass, etc. are graphed, it can be used as a life log that can keep various data, and you will notice your own changes and hard work, so you will be motivated. ..

■ Scientifically based advice ■
1. 1. The advice pattern is No. 1 in Japan * More than 200 million. It is created based on the actual dietary guidance of a registered dietitian.

2. All advice comes from algorithms developed based on the nutritional management of about 100,000 people.

3. We are developing and operating a network of about 10,000 registered dietitians.

The people in Caromam are mainly registered dietitians. I read treatises every day, and based on my many years of experience in nutritional guidance, I update the app every day to maintain the quality of a professional group of food, health, and healthcare.

■ Points for choosing Karomama ■
・ From more than 200 million reply patterns, artificial intelligence will find the best advice for you.

・ Every time I report something, it finds a good point and praises me. He / she gives advice on diet, nutrition and health every day.

・ The next meal will tell you what to eat.

・ Because you can share your health score and nutrition graph with one tap, you can work hard on a diet with your friends and family.

・ Users with a BMI of 25 or above who use Caromam every day have succeeded in losing -3 kg on average.

・ Since the only way to enter meals is to register a photo, you can continue to use it every day.

・ Simply open the app to collect stamps and apply for beauty / health goods. There is also a chance to get free health goods that cost more than 10,000 yen.

[Topics on TV and magazines! ]
■ "# Millenia Girl (Fuji TV)" "School Revolution! (Nippon TV) ”,“ Osaka Honwaka TV (Yomiuri TV) ”and other TV topics!
■ Many publications on Web media such as "", "BuzzFeeD", "BUSINESS LIFE", and "FYTTE"
■ Published in numerous magazines such as "Asahi Asahi" and "Nikkei Woman"
■ Also in newspapers such as "Nikkei Shimbun", "Nikkei MJ" and "Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun"!

■ Karomama is recommended for these people ■
・ Those who want to diet without breaking their own pace of life
・ Those who want to diet as if they were on a line with a registered dietitian
・ Those who do not think that they are stoic
・ And those who want to drop 〇kg
・ Those who want tips for living a healthy life
・ Those who want to be taught "correct knowledge" about health
・ Those who want to go on a diet with "meal only" without exercising if possible
・ Those who have recently felt that they are not losing weight
・ Those who want to diet "gentlely" and "while being praised"
・ Those who "dislike" being told from above
・ Those who want a registered dietitian to acknowledge that their diet and lifestyle are not a problem
・ Those who want to quantify carbohydrate restriction
・ Those who want to buy the best healthy ingredients for themselves at supermarkets and convenience stores
・ People who want to relieve even a little because they may feel weak recently
・ Those who want to diet without entering personal information
・ Those who want to diet although it is troublesome to enter meals
・ Those who care about themselves and want to live a long and healthy life
・ Those who want feedback on their actions
・ Those who want to diet with a registered dietitian on a three-legged race
・ People who want to go on a diet while chatting with someone
・ Those who want to diet but do not know what to start with
・ Those who have been on a diet for three days
・ Those who want to diet completely free of charge

◆ Official site

◆ Twitter

◆ Inquiry email address
[email protected]

We value the opinions of our users. We look forward to your feedback (and occasional compliments) and feedback.

◆ Supported environment
Android 6.0 and above
* Please check the OS version in Device settings ⇒ System ⇒ Device information ⇒ Android version, and update the OS version as appropriate.
* Supported environment may change in future updates.
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