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崩壞3rd v4.8.0 for Android

Su Yu Wei

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    Su Yu Wei

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    Jul 13, 2021

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    5.0 and up


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App Description
What's new in version 4.8.0

[S-Class Valkyrie | Nightmare Night Star Abyss]
"It's time to do bad things~" The new S-rank Valkyrie "Night Star Abyss" is here!
Use the sickle to cause a lot of frozen element damage to the enemy, use the chain claw to fight in the explosive state, and cause transfer damage to the enemy through the nightmare thorns!

[Large themed gameplay | Idol decisive battle]
"Breakdown 3rd" first idol decisive battle kicked off! Let's vote for her in your mind and cheer for it!
The large-scale themed gameplay opens. Participate in the idol decisive battle and get rewards such as the new costume "Zhiyue Han Fei", crystals and more!

【Main Line Chapter 24 | Stage of Thousands of People】
The Law of Thousand Talents incident broke out, and the world order fell into chaos. Now, who can stop this crisis?
The 24 chapters of the main line will be updated soon, and the chapter experience activities will be opened for a limited time! Participate in the event, you can get 4-star event stigmata, crystals and other rewards!

【Equipment Update】
Unleash new powers, the ultra-limit fist weapon "Thousand Lingshangchen", and the sickle weapon "Blood Depth Eye" have been added to the Armory!
Explore travel, go deep into the known and unknown worlds. The strange travel stigmata suit "Verne" is here to help the captain fight the collapse!

【game introduction】
"Benghuai 3rd" ignites the soul of ACG action! The next-generation action game strikes!
In the not-too-distant future, a mysterious disaster "collapsed" eroded the world.
The human being infected by the collapse becomes a "dead man" who has no thinking and only knows how to destroy; the infected animal becomes a cruel "beast" who only knows how to attack.
The only thing that can fight the collapse is the girls who are born with antibodies, and the marks called "stigmata" will appear on their bodies.
The player will play the role of the captain of the Huberian, command and lead a white-haired European descent Qiyana, wash hands and make soup Xianhui's bud, silent mercenary girl Bronya, proud Jizi, and her own cute Yae Sakura with fox ears, Teresa who is the cutest in the world, Karen who is a master of gun fighting skills, Fu Hua who is serious and never loses to anyone, Rita who blooms in the night, and twin sisters with star dreams The twin Xier with awakened personality in, and You Langdale with the strongest destiny. Hand in hand against collapse, together to fight for all the good in the world!

[Required permissions]
In order to download and store game data, you need to obtain the permission of your mobile phone media library

Official website: https://honkaiimpact3.mihoyo.com/tw/zh-tw
Official fan group: www.facebook.com/bh3tw
Official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/%E5%B4%A9%E5%A3%9E3rd
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