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好きになったら負け2。 完全無料!女性向けイケメン恋愛ゲーム

好きになったら負け2。 完全無料!女性向けイケメン恋愛ゲーム v1.5.0 for Android

G Gear Inc

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    Jan 6, 2022

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App Description
If you like it first you lose
If there is such love theory ...

If you like it first, you win

Or do you dare to lose, Ali ...?

If you like it you lose.
Very popular, the second release!

☆ · ☆ · ☆ Game content ☆ · ☆ · ☆
The game is easy!
Just reply to the message he received!

Advance the conversation with six of him and aim for the ending!

"I want a quick reply ..."
In such a case, it will be quicker to reply by conveying the feeling!

Is it easy to love it?
The future with him is your bargain!

☆ · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Beyond seeing all the endings-
-A new story is waiting for you

★ Include scenario introduction ★

Igami Takuya (20) University classmates
"He's gotta bother you ..."
It is a type of one-man-in-the-row type, often being alone
Something recently ... do you seem to be troubled?

Saionji Rei (24) Graduate student
"You can't say anything to me?"
It's a somewhat poisonous and cold impression, but I'm concerned about the main character
It looks like there are no problems with wealth and academic excellence, but ...

Kentaro Amamiya (28) Company employee
"If you don't talk like that ... you're not nervous."
The hero was helped by the hero where he was suspected to be a pervert by train
It seems that you have a feeling that you can not thank you for the main character ...?

Kei Hayama (20) Friends of the Circle
"Even if I could make her ... do you not think anything?"
I'm not good at studying, I am insensitive to love
Is that why something happened ...?

Yoshina Nishina (36) Associate Professor
"I'm an adult like this."
Troublesome and languid teacher
It seems like mothe ... ... like avoiding love stories ...?

Yukihara Yuki (21) The former part of the former byte
"Thank you so far ... I will leave this world"
While working in front of people, in fact they can see people
After the main character quits the part-time job, something is strange ...

★ Recommended for such people ★
・ To love love drama, love cartoon, love game, maiden game!
・ For those who want to exchange messages with handsome people!
・ To those who like message style apps!
・ To those who want to enjoy love games completely free!
・ To those who are looking for reading materials killing time app!
・ For love game beginners!
・ If you like it, lose it, even to you who has such an experience!
・ If you have a boyfriend, feel free to anyone who wants to play games for women!
・ Recently, you may be lacking in crush and pounding ... To you who is thinking!
・ I want to do a love game while commuting to work or school! Such a student or adult woman!
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